Christine Luby
A Pacific Northwest native, Christine holds a BA in German/Journalism from Washington & Lee University in Virginia. Prior to pursuing her Masters at the Diplomatic Academy, she worked in Public Affairs, specializing in media relations and crisis communications. She has had articles published in a number of commercial and trade publications across the United States and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.
Nicholas Lieb
Head Creative Director
Nicholas can already look back at several years of experience in Public Relations, Journalism and Publishing and is the man to go to if you want your message heard. He is specialized in Digital & Project communication and has helped numerous firms in their digital transformation. A creative talent, Nick oversees our Design team, which is responsible for putting Polemics to print and online. He holds a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Vienna.
Majd Nassan
Managing Editor
Majd has a BA in Political Science from the American University of Beirut, where his focus was the Middle East and International Relations. Aside from his responsibilities as Managing Editor of Polemics, Majd is interested in qualitative research, academic writing and the integration of Syrian refugees in the west.
Pierandrea Francavilla
Business/Econ Editor
Pierandrea is a native Roman but has also lived in Milan and Vienna in order to complete his college education. During his first year at the DA, he was a top contribitor for the Business and Economics section, earning his role as section editor this year. Pierandrea is passionate about helping new writers who, like when he first started, have no previous writing experience.
Christian Dax
Business/Econ Editor
Christian completed his Bachelor's studies at the WU in Vienna which gave him a solid background in business and economics. In addition to pursuing his Masters of Advanced International Studies at the DA, he works at Ernst & Young.
Erinn Murray
Europe Editor
Erinn graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida in 2012. Before beginning her Master's studies at the DA, she worked for several years in diverse locations, including Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and India. Her wide international experience, particularly within the post-Soviet states, makes her an insightful editor and frequent guest contributor.
Gloria Bozyigit
Europe Editor
Gloria's writing and editing experience ranges from legal journals during her studies, to newspaper articles and book editing during her work in a think tank. Now she is enjoying her work as an editor for the Europe section of Polemics.
Doriana Leo
French Editor
Doriana has three native languages (French, Portuguese, Italian) and speaks a total of 7 languages fluently, which makes her the perfect editor for our French section. Prior to her studies at the DA, she earned a BA in Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics and an MA in International Cooperation and Communication.
Philip Grüll
German Editor
Originally trained as a copywriter, Phil quickly switched from advertisement to journalism - what he jokingly calls, "abandoning deception for the sake of truth." Having written about most everything, from Hip Hop and video games, to migration politics and business, he now has the pleasure to explore the world of International Relations with Polemics' eager German writers. Dankeschön!
Rósa Heinesen
International Editor
Rosa is a native of the Faroe Islands and has provided unique perspectives for Polemics over the past two years, such as her piece on sustainable whaling practices. This year, she is the International Editor, helping students land their articles on the coveted cover position of the magazine.
Paula Jahn
International Editor
After graduating from McGill University, Paula spent two years living and working in the Middle East while studying Arabic. During her time in Beirut, she had the opportunity to contribute articles to The Daily Star Lebanon, the country's largest English-language newspaper, through writing feature stories and articles for the business desk. She then moved to Berlin, Germany, where she worked for the video broadcasting agency Ruptly TV - belonging to the RT news network - and expanded upon her skills by filming, editing, and scripting video news footage from around the globe. In 2018-2019, she will serve as the new Editor-in-Chief of Polemics.
Dariia Skovliuk
Opinion Editor
As a postgraduate in International Economic Relations from the Institute of International Relations in Kyiv, Dariia is interested in global trends in economics, energy and politics. These areas are the primary focus of her articles in Polemics. After participating in the XI and XII International Debate Academy (IDAS) in Slovenia, she has also developed a passion for debating which makes her the perfect Opinion Editor. When she's not working on Polemics, she is Head of the Debating Society at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.
Richard Lee
Tech & Environment Editor
Richard's editing experience includes two years of full-time copywriting for an advertising agency based out of Salt Lake City, Utah (ThomasARTS), and a year of freelance work for a private client base. As an ETIA student, he has a strong interest in how natural resource management and energy allocation relate to wealth disparities and social justice around the world.
Liz English
In the News Editor
Liz comes from Birmingham, England and formerly studied French and German at Oxford University. A regular contributor to Polemics, she now writes the In the News section and occasionally helps with copyediting.
Sofia Hörder
In the News Editor
Having studied anglophone literatures and cultures during her Bachelors, Sofia has always adored writing. Her diverse background (Sofia is half-Mexican, half-Austrian and grew up in Mexico, Switzerland, the USA, Austria and Kenya) helps her to be keenly aware of cultural differences. She's particularly passionate about representing a broad spectrum of voices from around the world. That is why she's excited to contribute short stories each issue for our In the News section.
Jessica Yellowhair
Design Team
Jessica has worked in Online Marketing for 5 years, and has background in web design, SEO and Google Adwords. She is the driving force behind the Polemics website and is a key contributor of the Design Team. We are also excited to welcome Jessica as the new Head Creative Director for 2018-2019.
Sarah Henry
Head Copy Editor
Despite ample experience in academic writing, having completed a degree in European Studies at the University of Dundee, Polemics has provided Sarah with her first opportunity to delve into Journalism. As a Guest Writer and Head Copy Editor for Polemics, Sarah ensures that we provide our readers with top quality writing.
Stephanie Trapp
Head Copy Editor
Steph studied Geography at the University of Cambridge before beginning her Masters of Advanced International Studies in Vienna. She is particularly interested in international security and counterterrorism efforts, and hopes to enter this field of research post-graduation. Steph acts as Head Copy Editor for Polemics and is also part of the DA Journal of Diplomacy editorial team.
Iris Karabaczek
Copy Editor
Fluent in French, English and German, Iris is a vital part of the copy editing team. She has been involved with Polemics over the past two years in a number of roles. She completed her Bachelor's studies at the Université Stendhal (Grenoble III) in France.
James Bergin
Staff Writer
Jamie originally comes from Ireland, where he completed a degree in Law and History at University College Dublin. Prior to his studies at the DA, he worked with several NGOs and IOs such as UNODC. Jamie has previous experience in writing for a law-based publication, but now, as one of Polemics' top-contributing staff writers, enjoys focusing on international/political issues. We are also excited to announce that he is the incoming Managing Editor for 2018-2019.
Mars Lozano
Staff Writer
Mars is a native of Mexico City and completed studies at the University of Maastricht and ITAM. She is a Staff Writer for Polemics.
Jana Raith
Staff Writer
Jana studied law at the University of Graz, with a background in Anglo-American studies. During her studies, she completed an exchange year to the United States. She is a Staff Writer for Polemics.
Salome Svanidze
Staff Writer
Originally from Tbilisi Georgia, Salome spent part of her undergraduate studies in Baltimore, Maryland. Polemics is her first expierence in professional journalism and she is excited for the opportunity to keep improving her overall writing skills.
Michaela Sehorz
Staff Writer
Michaela has a BA in Comparative Literature and an MA in International Relations. She has studied in Vienna, Nice and Berlin. Previously she worked in the press department of a political party and as an intern at the Austrian Broadcasting Company ORF. Besides her current studies at the Diplomatic Academy, she is finishing her dissertation in history at the University of Vienna, focusing on sexuality in the Austro-Hungarian Army during the Great War.