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If you are a current student, an alumnus, or current staff member at the Diplomatische Akademie Wien, we encourage you to submit a pitch to us! Please write to polemics@da-vienna.at to find out more about our pitching process and deadlines.

If you are interested in supporting POLEMICS, we encourage you to get in touch with us via email or post.

Should you have questions about subscribing to receive copies of the magazine, please contact us.

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Diplomatische Akademie Wien
Favoritenstrasse 15a, 1040
Vienna, Austria


About us

POLEMICS is a student-run publication, operating for over 10 years. We publish extensively on current issues regarding politics, economy, business, international affairs and the environment. We publish our articles every quarter, with a large team of editors, staff writers, guest writers, copyeditors, and designers.


At the Nexus of AI and Diplomacy

The world we live in right now is moving at a truly mind-bending speed, with new breakthroughs and technological advancements coming out practically every...