Dorothy English
Managing Editor

Hi, I’m Dorothy. I studied International Relations at Indiana University. I’m currently a MAIS student at the Diplomatische. As one of the magazine’s managing editors, I’ve forged a partnership between ClubDA and POLEMICS to increase the student body’s access to the alumni association. My favourite part about POLEMICS is discovering the topics and issues my classmates care about.

Debanwita Paul

You can call me Tania! I oversee the Editorial Board and facilitate the work of the team. This year, I am proud to expand our magazine internally and externally with a renovated website, guest contributions from DA alumni and staff, and new sponsors and partnerships. With my background in writing, editing, and managing, I make sure that the magazine is the best it can be!

James Butler
Managing Editor

Hey, I am James, one of two managing editors (yes, there's that much to manage). I am bringing my previous teaching and finance experience to expand the reach of POLEMICS while maintaining its high standards. I am currently spearheading our new alumni subscription program so that POLEMICS can be the bridge between current and former students.

Alexandra Motica
Managing Designer

I am Alex, the newest addition to the POLEMICS Board. With me, I brought my background knowledge of graphic design and the excitement to be part of such an amazing team.

Dennis Vetter

My name is Dennis, money-man of Polemics‘ and ever-unsatisfied part-time editor. My love for writing is what brought me here - and my obsession with detail prevents me from letting go.